Monday, September 17, 2007

Update On "The Essentials Of Great Hymn Arrangement"

Finally received the first 2 edited dvds from our video editing company. Looks like we will be on schedule to launch the new course - The Essentials Of Great Hymn Arrangement, on the first week of October.
Here are topics that are covered on the first 2dvds. I will follow up with more blogs regarding detail of the rest of the dvds. The course comes with 4 dvds and a binder.
DVD #1 (1 hour 40 mins)
Holy! Holy! Holy!
Introduction & Ending
Modulation & Transposition
Musical Turn Around 1
Musical Turn Around 2
DVD #2 (1 hour 15 mins)
Evangelistic Piano Style
Octave Exercises
Trust And Obey
He Is Lord
Evangelistic Piano Style Hymn Selection
Meditative/Prayer Piano Style

Below is the short video clips of 2nd dvds.


Lorna said...

Thanks, Yoke Wong. Never thought of playing Praise Him this way.
Do you slow down for us to see the notes? Is it going to be what we see
your samples? Like Holy Holy Holy After the D D triplets, I cannot see
next chord B then ..... Have to repeat a few times and still cannot
figure B
then..... A I know it is A Csharp A


Yoke Wong said...

The course will come with music sheet on the piece I am demonstrating. Due to bandwidth limitation, what you are seeing is just highlights of the video clip.
Yoke Wong