Monday, September 3, 2007

Holy, Holy, Holy - Short Video Clip

Didn't get much work done due to the labor day's weekend :-)
Did receive lots of inquiries regarding the new hymns arrangement course. Here are more information about it:
1. This course is going to be a dvd course - not online course. This course is gear toward intermediate players and above.
2. Many ask about the price - I think it is a bit too early to set a price. Early birds will definitely get special discounts.
Those that want to sign up now (I am flattered that a few of you already want to order now)- please wait for a couple more weeks and check on this blog regularly to see the update on the release.


gasty said...

thanks for your free is very helpful to all beginners like me.godbless

Anonymous said...

hi..may i know is it u said that it will be given the music sheet also?because i saw the playing too fast that i can't see clearly = = and please tell me the price if you know soon. thanks. and may i know who is the person that playing in the video?